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Stain Removal

Professional Stain Removal for your carpets and upholstery

Spots & stains removed! BMV is at your service.

If you have children or pets, you have naturally signed up for dealing with a lot of mess at home. This mess eventually includes all the ugly and stubborn stains on your walls, carpet, rugs, and furniture. Even if you live alone and don’t have children or animals storming your home, stains and then stain removal remedies are a substantial part of your life. When you buckle up yourself for a face-to-face battle with a tough stain in your upholstered furniture or carpet don’t worry, BMV has got you covered. We are a professional stain removal company and pro's at finding just the right solution for eliminating the staunchest of blemishes.

BMV’s professional technicians will tackle literally any stain put to our test. If we can’t get it cleaned, nobody else can. Armed with an arsenal of cleaning industry’s finest stain-removal equipment and products, BMV Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning services can remove, or reduce all kinds of stains.

At BMV Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning, we use high-quality Eco-friendly cleaning products along with advanced steam extraction machines and vacuuming equipment. Our quality of work ensures that we are not saturating the carpets with hot water. Our processes reduce the risk of over-wetting and shrinkage, leaving your carpets stain-free and fresh.

With our passion for creating a cleaner healthier environment for your business, home, or workspace, we offer excellent customer service and value for money based around your requirements. We provide you with tailor-made carpet cleaning services and maintenance package for your spaces to exactly suit your needs and budget. Rest assured we have ability to restore and protect your upholstery & carpets, ensuring they are almost as good as new.

Brace yourselves stubborn stains, BMV stain removal services are here to fight back!

The best chance for removing a pesky, horrible stain, is to get to it ASAP after the spot is made. The longer a spot stays on your carpet or upholstery, the harder it becomes to clean. While most stains are easy enough to be removed right away, some require an advanced, technical approach to flush out of your carpets or upholstery, BMV expert cleaning solutions are on hand to deal with these too we lead the carpet cleaning industry with remarkable customer assistance and quality service providing help for you to win all the battles against tough stains.

For light spots on the furniture, walls and liquid spills, BMV standard cleaning service is enough. However, there are more stubborn stains, such as paint, permanent marker, lipstick, etc. That require special treatment. For these tougher stains, our professionally trained technicians use state-of-the-art tools & products that can take care of nearly all spots and stains with our stain removal cleaning service. BMV proudly picks a critically acclaimed array of safe and effective stain removal products alongside the most innovative equipment, to knock tough stains out of rugs, carpets, and upholstery for all the good in the world. Our ten years of experience in the cleaning industry is what makes us pros at what we do.

Preventing stains before they occur – Stain Guard

For a more preventive solution we recommend BMV Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning’s Stain Guard service. We use Complete- Guard, a multi-level carpet & fabric stain/dirt protector. Complete Guard represents today’s most cutting edge technology in carpet protectors.

Our stain guard service uses environmental-friendly, state-of-the-art short-chain fluorochemical technology to protect against water-based and oil-based spillages. Complete Guard saves you from the regular rounds of stain removal around the home. It is made with a technique that coats fibres with a dye-blocking stain barrier in order to protect them from dye stains and typical household food and liquid spills.

Complete Guard also reduces extended drying times experienced with regular basic stain protectors, because it uses half the water portion of most other protectors. Special dispersing agents in Complete Guard make sure that the carpet is thoroughly protected without soaking it with more water. You will see how easily it protects against spills and how great your carpet will look between cleaning.